What You Need to Know About the Most Recent Changes to Facebook Pages

It is important for all businesses to be aware of the recent changes that Facebook has undergone and to take advantage of some of these new features.

As Facebook continues to evolve, Page managers can expect to see more changes, but for now here are seven of the latest modifications to keep you up to date!

Post Scheduling – You may no longer need Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or any other third party app because you now have the option to schedule your posts directly through Facebook. Posts can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance. In the lower left corner of the Status Box on your page, you will use the blue clock icon to pick the year, month, day and time in the future to schedule your posts. Learn more


Mobile Advertising – Facebook launched its first mobile-only ads for companies who want to reach mobile users. As of right now, the only option is to advertise a sponsored story. If you have a particular post on your page that you want to promote, this is a great way to do so. This is a great explanation of how this new option works – Mobile Facebook Advertising.

People Reached – At the bottom left corner of each post on your Facebook Timeline a link to the amount of people reached has been added. When your mouse hovers over the link, you will see a pop up giving you the exact number of unique people who saw the post as well as the organic and viral value.


Promoted Posts – At the bottom right corner of each post on your Facebook Timeline you will see the ability to promote an individual post. This is one way to get more people who like your page to see your important message, event or multi-media image. Facebook gives you the option to select a budget to spend advertising this post and gives you an estimated reach. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these ads.

Facebook Admin Roles – The business page that you manage may have several admins and you might not like the idea of each admin having full access to your page. Facebook has created five specific roles for admins, each with different capabilities, to aid with this issue. The five roles are Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. By default, all admins are labeled Manager and only a Manager can change another admins role. This graph explains the abilities of each role.


Facebook Pages Manager App – Facebook has finally created an app for the iPhone to help manage your page(s).  The pages manager app is able to receive notifications, allowing you to closely monitor the activity when someone likes or comments on your posts. Also unlike the standard Facebook App, you can view a snapshot of your page insights. The only drawback is that you cannot see private messages sent to your page.

Facebook Camera – Facebook created an iPhone app for users to select, crop, add filters, tag friends and add descriptions to their photos to post on their timeline. The difference between this app and Instagram is that Facebook camera allows you to select and edit multiple pictures and upload them all at once to your timeline. More details

As you can tell, Facebook is constantly evolving! AdMix Social is here to help so feel free to email us with any questions.


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