Photography Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social_Media_MarketingSocial media marketing has enabled businesses to showcase a wider variety of their products and/or services. Photography and creating content is a key component in your online marketing efforts. The ability to photograph your own images can be more cost effective than purchasing stock images.

So, how can photography become a valuable asset to your business?
Using your own photography gives you complete creative control in displaying your products and services to customers and connections on social media. Knowing your way around a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera allows you to explore different forms of content to decide what works best for your business’s marketing strategy.

Here are some quick tips on what to take into consideration when adding photography into your creative process:

Framing & Composition

Almost every digital screen these days is in the shape of a rectangle. Because of this it’s important to utilize the rule of thirds when shooting your chosen subject. Constantly taking photos where the subject is centered is not only bland, but amateur. By taking framing into consideration when behind the lens, your composition becomes more aesthetically pleasing to your viewers without them even realizing it. This results in better photos and successful social media marketing.


One component of photography that makes the specialty so competitive and, more often than not, outstanding, is the subjective angle you shoot from. The key here is to find the position where you think the subject is most interesting. This does not mean to overanalyze the idea of taking the “perfect picture” of your subject, which does not exist, but to consider the story you are trying to tell in how you capture it. Essentially, stop thinking and just shoot! Trust your creative eye to know what looks best.


Perhaps the most challenging and paramount aspect of shooting photos is your light source. Assessing the quality and quantity of light you have to work with can make or break the shot’s condition and impact. Most cameras nowadays have ISO and white balance settings to assist you in adapting your camera to a difficult light environment. However, being able to use the light to your manual advantage gives you complete autonomy on how the light is manipulated versus the camera doing it for you.

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Written by Marissa Lyons.

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