Ten Social Media Mobile Apps You Should Download

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Do you want to stay connected to your business social media marketing on the go? Well if you answered “yes” to this question, then take our advice and immediately download these top ten useful social media apps. Best of all, they are FREE!

If you have yet to see the value of social media growing your business, then I must remind you that Facebook just reported having over 1 Billion monthly active users. This statistic should be reason enough to prove that your customers are more than likely using social media and wondering why you haven’t hopped on board.

The following list was created as a guide of the top social media tools that can help you brand your business online to reach current and new customers on a different platform. As a result it is important to download their mobile apps so that you can stay connected at all times.

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Pages
  3. Facebook Camera
  4. Foursquare
  5. Google+
  6. Instagram
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Pinterest
  9. Twitter
  10. Yelp

When you begin downloading apps to your mobile device, take a look at this list of the top social media apps.

Tip: Make sure to update these apps on a consistent basis so that you are using the latest version.

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Written by Susie – @Satta15  

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