Facebook Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

The days of print marketing have been replaced with social media marketing, most notably Facebook marketing.  As the largest social network, Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers. It is important to understand some of the business page basics when beginning your social marketing efforts.

 Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to get your Facebook marketing off to the right start.


Post Consistently

A business page should be posting content at least twice a day.  While it may seem like overkill, reality is that every 20 minutes, 1 million links are shared on Facebook.  By consistently sharing great content, you improve your chances of reaching your target audience and connections. .

Post Content That Will Engage Your Fans

The number one rule for Facebook marketing is…. Engage! Ask questions, ask for feedback, respond to comments. People want to be included, not just fed information. Check out these 26 ways to engage your fans on Facebook.

Everyone Loves To Be Tagged

If someone is affiliated in anyway with your post on Facebook, tag them. People love to be tagged, and it will show up on their wall, improving your reach.


Turn Off Comments

People complain, deal with it. Turn a negative comment into an opportunity to improve and provide great customer service.

Don’t Just Promote Your Product

Don’t just post information about your company.  No one wants to be sold to all the time. Help your connections by offering expertise in your industry, share articles that your fans would be interested in. Post testimonials from your customers, offer fun facts and other content to engage your audience.

Don’t Post Controversial Content or Pictures

There are many touchy topics out there, be careful as to which one you post about. You may not find a topic or viewpoint offensive, but that doesn’t mean the reader won’t. Think about content you are sharing, prior to posting it.

Facebook is a marketing tool that can be utilized to benefit your business and increase revenue. If you need help marketing your business on Facebook, contact Admix Social.

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