You are marketing, but is anyone listening?

It is rough out there for any business in the Phoenix area: Many factors are at contributing;  a down economy, changing consumer behavior, fragmentation of media.  What is a business owner to do? You think everyone is talking about social media, “HECK,  I am even on Facebook every other day.” Thinking to yourself .“ I like it, I can do this”. Then you set up a page for your business and then nothing, your customers aren’t finding you or even mentioning that great sale you posted about – Uggh!

Laura & Kristi know the frustrations that business owners’ face when trying to develop & manage their online marketing & social media.  Typically, a business owner just jumps right in, without considering the strategy.  That’s okay, and sometimes it works, but most often you get frustrated and abandon your social media or jump around focusing on different social networks.  Facebook, then Twitter, now LinkedIn or blogging.

The missing element is the online marketing strategy. You might think, I am an expert in my industry, there isn’t another widget service that compares to mine, so I don’t need help in this area with my marketing message or strategy.  You are right, your knowledge goes along way with connecting to your customers and potential customers, sometimes it is just finding those customers and communicating with them the way they want. The customers terms, not yours.

We can help – AdMix Social is conducting a hands-on marketing workshop on Tuesday 3/22 at 5:30 in Phoenix. This workshop isn’t a magic bullet, and trust us – you will be working hard to build your strategy, but you will have a clear picture of your customer, what the market looks like and some ideas on messaging to those customers and potential customers. Social media is easier and more effective if you have a marketing strategy.  This is time and money well spent! Join us for the online marketing workshop by registering at Early bird offer of 10% off if you register by March 15th.

We are also offering a hands-on social media workshop the following Tuesday 3/29 at 5:30 to continue the process.  You may wish to sign up for both classes at one time and save even more!

Unlike other seminars that you may have attended, you will leave the workshops with a marketing strategy & plan + a social media presence, including knowing how to connect  to your customers. You will be ready to start your program. See you there!

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