Tips for Building an Instagram Following

Instagram_marketingInstagram marketing can be a great way to connect with your customers and potential customers with visual content. Driving engagement and creating a following on Instagram is not as easy as just posting a photo. There are numerous factors to be applied to generate an effective Instagram marketing campaign such as visibility, likes, comments and followers.

One way to increase your following is to create clear calls to action in which you ask your current followers to “tag their friends” or “double tap.” This not only brings more traffic to your profile when their friends click into their notification, but also requires the Instagram follower to make a comment on the photo which generates higher likes/comment counts, conversation and interest.

Another important Instagram marketing tactic is hashtag relevance. Hashtags, although abundant, must remain relevant if you want them to work efficiently. Brands will stand out by utilizing hashtags that correlate with visual content rather than trying to use irrelevant hashtags based on trending topics. Instagram users that are searching hashtags and find your visual content will be likely to engage with your brand.

Above all, Instagram is still a social media platform and, therefore, you should interact with other users’ content. Just like you should use hashtags to try and reach your target audience, you can use them to reach like-minded individuals and businesses that would be interested in your profile or products.

Instagram is not the only social media account out there, so take advantage of all of the outlets available to you. You should promote your account on your other social media profiles such as Twitter or Facebook to connect with your audience on numerous levels. Highlight the content that you post exclusively to Instagram so that your viewers will want to follow that account in addition to the ones they already do.

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Written by Marissa Lyons


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