Social Media (SM) Lingo for Beginners

Are you a newbie when it comes to social media?

If you have been thrown into the world of Facebook, Twitter and Google + you are more than likely going to be reading up on the latest news in the industry. Do not become alarmed by all the unknown acronyms. There are a several social media abbreviations that you should learn and add to your new repertoire.

The following is a list of the most popular social media lingo to help you get started.

Online Marketing - Social Media B2B – Business to Business

B2C – Business to Consumer

CGM -Consumer Generated Media

CMS – Content Management System

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CLV – Customer Lifetime Value

CTR – Click-Through Rate

CVR – Conversion Rate

CYFB – Check Your Facebook

DM – Direct Message

FB – Facebook

FBC – Facebook Chat

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

IM – Instant Message

LI – LinkedIn

LMS – Like My Status

PPC – Pay Per Click

QR Code – Quick Response Code

ROAS- Return On Ad Spend

ROI – Return On investment

RT – Retweet

SEM- Search Engine Marketing

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SCRM – Social Customer Relationship Management

SMM- Social Media Marketing

SMO- Social Media Optimization

SN – Social Network

SoLoMo – Social, Local, Mobile

SROI – Social Return On Investment

TFTA – Thanks For The Add

TT – Trending Topic

UGC – User Generated Content

URL – Uniform Resource Locator

YT – YouTube


If you would like to add on to this list leave a comment below.

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