New Facebook Pages

Facebook is rolling out a new business page look similar to the changes that we saw previously on personal profiles. There are some great features for page administrators. At AdMix Social, we are excited to see the changes, but it also means we have to audit our pages and make sure that everything on the pages is functioning properly.
Here’s  what you will find on your page.

If you take the tour or preview the first thing you will notice is recent photos across the top of your page. If you don’t like one of the photos, simply click on the X. It also gives some pages an opportunity to upload photos that they would like to showcase for their business.

Another great feature for Page Administrators is the ability to interact with other businesses as your page, not your own personal profile. This is great if you would like to post a comment or interact under your business brand. And finally, our ABSOLUTE favorite thing as Page Administrators….You will receive notifications when someone interacts with your page.

Let us know what you think of the new pages. We will be auditing all of our clients pages and fixing any issues.

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