How to Clean Up Your Business Twitter Account

How to clean your twitter

When you sign in to your home page on Twitter are you greeted by useless tweets that do not relate to your brand? Are you having a hard time sorting out trustworthy and useful information from the surrounding noise?

If you responded to these questions with a “yes”, then it is time to clean up your Twitter. Here are several tips on how to get started.

Analyze your following:

There are several great third party tools like Iunfollow that makes it easy to unfollow the friends that spam your twitter feed with useless content! Get rid of followers who,

  1. Haven’t tweeted in months
  2. Users that you are following but they aren’t following you back
  3. Spam your twitter feed

Who to follow:

Once you have gotten rid of some of the “noise” you should begin to see content in your home feed that is more valuable. Follow people who,

  1. Are or could be a potential customer
  2. Are a friend or co-worker
  3. Work in your industry and offer valuable information

How to add followers:

In order to gain the right followers you must first find an appropriate amount of times to tweet a day. You don’t want to annoy new followers by tweeting too much, or not have enough substance by tweeting infrequently. Then consider the following to attract new followers,

  1. Create shareable and valuable content
  2. Embed a voice within your tweets
  3. Take the time to engage in conversation.

 How to search:

In order to search for the right tweeps to follow, take advantage of Twitter’s advanced search. Use the following to refine your search,

  1. Words (exact phrases, hashtags, keywords)
  2. People
  3. Places and Language

By cleaning up your business Twitter account you are more likely to make new connections, retweet valuable content and potentially gain new customers. Contact us if you have any Twitter questions.

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