6 Pinterest Tips for Successful Marketing

Pinterest_marketingPinterest continues to gain prominence and popularity with users and is increasingly important for business social media marketing. The goal of pinterest is simple — create brand awareness by providing intriguing images that drive traffic to your website and therefore increase sales and revenue. However, this seemingly simple task can still be daunting for businesses trying to manage a successful social media marketing plan.

No need to fear. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of Pinterest marketing, AdMix Social is here to give you 6 tricks of the trade to manage your brand successfully.

  1. Optimize your profile

When using Pinterest for online marketing, make sure to add keywords that best define your business, product, or service on your Pinterest profile. This will make it optimized for search by potential customers who are seeking out your product.

  1. Always include price tags on your pins

Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn combined. Additionally, Pinterest pins that include price tags get 36 percent more likes than those without price tags.

Adding price tags will drive more traffic to your site and allow consumers to purchase your product more efficiently.

  1. Follow pinners with similar content

It’s crucial to be active with other pinner’s content. Remember, people want to engage with a human, not a robot. When you repin content, comment on boards, or follow people with similar content, it increases visibility and increases the chances of driving traffic to your page.

  1. Cross-promote your Pinterest page

Although being active on Pinterest will increase your chances of people finding your Pinterest page, most fans are likely to come across your page on other social media sites. Link your Pinterest to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to gain exposure.

  1. Have a Blog Board

After you publish a blog post on your site, pin it into its own blog board. This will allow followers to have easy access to all of your blog posts. Remember to include keywords that will make it easy for followers to find in search engine results.

  1. Interesting, Good quality Content and Images

If there’s any important tip to remember, it’s that your content needs to be relevant and interesting. Post content that relates to your business and add in unique tidbits so you’re not spamming followers with all your products.

When you pin something, all followers see is a single image. In light of this, make sure you’re posting an image that is high quality and visually pleasing. By having quality pictures that catch followers attention, you’ll increase your chances of them clicking on the pin and directing traffic to your site.

Although these tips are crucial to remember when using online marketing, it barely skims the surface of all the tools available to building a strong brand presence on Pinterst. If you would like more information or help managing your social media presence online, call AdMix Social today for a consultation! We would love to help.





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