5 Tips to Market Your New Blog

The hard work is done, you created your blog and have committed to creating new content on a regular basis. So now what? How is anyone going to know that the blog exists or to read the valuable information you are creating? How will you build a community around your content? The answer is, of course, promotion.  You need to let people know that you are posting valuable content.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help spread the word about your blog:

1. Facebook Page – After you create your blog promote the heck out of it on Facebook.  It’s as simple as copying the url of the post and pasting it into your Facebook wall. This will let all of your connections know that you have new content.  You can also ask your connections to share the content with their own connections.  After all, sharing is the essense of Facebook.

2. Facebook applications for adding your blog feed – You can also create a tab on your business Page by creating a tab using a free application from Involver.  Just go to involver.com and find the application for an RSS Feed. There are many other applications available in order to accomplish this, but Involver provides a nice feed and it’s F-R-E-E.

3. Linkedin Profile – Add a Feed to your WordPress blog by following these simple steps:

  • Log onto linkedin.com
  • Go to edit profile
  • Scroll down to Applications then click on +Add an application
  • Scroll down to WordPress then click on WordPress
  • Go to right side and click on Update Settings
  • Enter your blog URL and SAVE

4. Email marketing – Don’t forget to email your database, particularly if you just started blogging. Your email database is a great way to get the word out about your blog. Include your blog URL and a note about the frequency that you plan on updating your blog.

5. RSS Feed – Ask your contacts to subscribe to your blog through an RSS feed and to share it with others that might also be interested in your business or industry.

We hope you find these tips for promoting your blog helpful. Here’s to a successful year and many readers. If you need additional help setting up or promoting your blog, contact AdMix Social we would love to hear from you.

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