5 Reasons to Shift Your Advertising Budget to Digital Ads Now

Have you been considering moving your advertising budget to a digital advertising focus? Numerous business owners and marketing executives are shifting dollars from traditional media outlets such as newspaper, radio, and cable television to online marketing.  The reason for this is clear, consumers are spending their time online. In fact, 87% of adults in the United States access the internet and many of those visits are related to research of products and services. Savvy advertisers are making the switch to digital advertising and investing in other online marketing tactics to engage with their target market via the web.

According to Borrell and Associates, 2015 local digital advertising is projected to be up 44.7%.

Should your business consider shifting from a traditional advertising budget to digital marketing platforms? We believe you should start moving the budget if you haven’t done so already.

Here are five reasons to move your advertising budget now:digital shopping and decisions process

1) Consumers are searching: Your target audience is using search engines during the buying cycle. In fact, eighty-nine percent (89%) of consumers surveyed in a recent study use search engines, like Google, to make purchasing decisions. 

A search engine marketing campaign will reach consumers as they search for your products or services. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad. Having the right ad appear while a consumer is actively searching for information related to your business, provides your business the opportunity to reach that potential customer during the buy cycle and could lead to new customers for your business. 

2) Targeting Abilities: Social Media advertising platforms and tools are becoming more sophisticated. The targeting abilities available for  advertisers offer the opportunities to connect directly with your potential customers, target audiences and consumers, similar to your existing customers. Social media advertising provides an opportunity to connect with consumers so they can learn more about your business through your content on social networks or to drive consumers directly to your website.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube all offer a cost-per-click advertising model similar to search engine advertising which means that social media advertising can be cost effective for all business sizes and budgets.

3) Increased Efficiency: Advertising dollars can become more effective over time with consistent monitoring, management and adjustments to the campaign(s). Having clear goals for your campaigns, understanding which keywords and websites are driving traffic and conversions, using negative keywords, appropriate advertising content and tracking campaigns will help you to improve your advertising spend on a month-to-month basis. By improving your campaign metrics, and tracking ability, your advertising budget will increase in effectiveness, minimizing wasted spending.

4) Convert website visits: Custom landing pages help with conversions, providing your business with more leads and/or sales. Having an optimized landing page that is relevant to the digital advertising campaign(s) will provide the consumer with the information they need about your businesses products and services to help them during the buying cycle.  Design your landing pages to be as helpful as possible to consumers. You may wish to build multiple landing pages based on your digital advertising promotions to provide ease of use for the consumer to learn more about the product or service offering, and request additional information.

5) Tracking Capabilities: Test and track digital advertising campaigns. Having tracking mechanisms in place will help to determine the best platforms for your digital advertising budget. What channels are helping to achieve your business goals? Tracking phone numbers, placing goals on the website with source tracking, special offers for in-store traffic and even a/b testing of creative and landing pages will help you to determine how well the goals set are being achieved and what modifications you should be making to improve your results.

Do you have questions about how to allocate your advertising budget? AdMix Social can conduct a full analysis of your advertising spending and help you allocate your budget to achieve business goals. Contact us to get started today.


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