3 Tips for Social Media Etiquette for Business

Social media platforms continue to gain prominence and popularity, especially when they’re used as an effort to market your business.  In honor of Business Etiquette Awareness Week, AdMix Social wants you to be aware of proper social media etiquette when managing your business’s presence online. Here are three tips to ensure good social media etiquette:

  1. Social MediaHonesty is always the best policy

As cliché as it may sound, being transparent to your followers is imperative for effective social media marketing. If followers ask questions about rumors or have critical comments that elicit a response, never avoid giving an answer. Reply honestly and as straight forward as possible.

  1. Joke in Good Taste

Before cracking a joke, consider your target audience. Certain types of humor, or no humor at all, may be appropriate for the demographics of your audience. The last thing you want to do is post a joke with your company name attached to it that offends some of your most loyal customers. As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to air on the cautious side when posting content involving comedic relief. If you’re ever unsure, use an online survey to see how your target audience responds to different content.

  1. Respect Cultures and Current Events

Just as it’s necessary to keep in mind your target audience when posting jokes, it’s essential to be respectful of various cultures and current events. Though it’s online, social media is still intertwined with a boundless network of communities. It’s crucial to treat those we encounter online with the same vigilance and respect that we would in the real, off-line world.

When posting online, your business should also take current events into consideration. If you do decide to post about politics, for example, tread lightly and be prepared for some of your followers to take offense to your political opinions.

Exercising these three basic etiquette rules will help ensure your social media is effective and tailored to your target audience. If you have any further questions regarding social media, call us today for a consultation!

Written By Molly Judge.


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