3 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Results

Email marketing is as relevant as ever when it comes to promoting your business and driving sales. As we move toward the holiday season, it is more important than ever to design an email marketing program that will be viewed as a valuable message to your customers. Consumers may hit the “unsubscribe” button or toss your emails into the junk mail folder if your email campaign isn’t created for your customer base or target audience.

Mobile optimization is more important than ever

According to a 2014 BlueHornet study conducted by Flagship of more than 1,300 U.S. consumers, almost 83% of consumers use their smartphones to check their personal email. It is critical to optimize your email for mobile device as nearly 72% of consumers surveyed will delete or unsubscribe from your emails if it doesn’t display well on a mobile device.

Consider these three tips to effective email marketing:

  1. Plan out your email campaign.

    Organization is key. Try using Excel or an online template to plan your messages into categories: Who is the target customer? What is the topic, and what main points of content will you include? When will you be sending it? Which elements will you personalize for the recipient? (Ex: name, company, etc.). Don’t forget to include social sharing buttons and a web version link. A well-constructed plan of action will place your email marketing campaign in the “must-read” segment of your customer’s inbox.

  2. Content is king—but also keep in mind the design.

    Accessibility on a mobile device is a must, as more than 8 out of 10 consumers with smartphones who signed up for emails from a brand over the past six months made a purchase based on what they received, according to a 2014 Mobile Behavior report by Salesforce. Don’t use too many graphics, as they can make your email appear cluttered. Create a catchy, concise subject line between 6 and 10 words, and consider writing that part before your create the content of your email; that way, the simple topic line will keep you focused and to the point.

  3. Keep customers happy.

    Avoid email overloads from sending your target audience irrelevant messages. That action could send your emails to the unsubscribe link or junk folder. Target your email marketing campaign toward customer preferences; they will enjoy valuable information from your business. Keep it simple, organized and aesthetically pleasing.

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By Emily Lierle

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