Using Laser Targeted Ads to Reach Your Audience

Facebook_Advertising Social Media advertising offers enhanced targeting opportunities to reach your potential customers. To make the most of your advertising dollars, tailor your Facebook advertising towards your target audience. Define the interests of your audience, people that are most likely to do business with your brand, and create ads that reach and resonate with those interests. Put simply, success or failure of your ad campaigns can be determined by your business’s ability to zero in on the audience of interest.

Although this sounds like a lot of pressure, do not fear. Social media sites such as Facebook offer tools which help you reach your target audience with laser focus. When using advertising through Facebook, the site allows you to filter advertisements through four main categories: location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.


Location targeting lets you reach customers in key locations by country, state or province, city and zip code. Additionally, Facebook advertising allows business’s to target by radius from a city. For example, businesses can choose to include areas that are 50 miles around Miami. Finally, the location tool also allows you exclude locations by city or zip code that you wish to avoid targeting.


The demographics tool let’s advertisers target audiences based on content people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles. This content includes age, gender, languages, relationship, education, work, and ethnicity. Looking to reach married women over 30 in college? Yes, you can target them.


Interest targeting lets you define your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and business pages they’ve liked on Facebook. For example if you are promoting your travel agency you would want to target people who have showed interest in traveling. Furthermore, in the “ads create” tool, the interests section suggests keywords and shows how many people you will reach if you choose to add those keywords.


Behavior targeting allows your business to pick categories based on activity of customers on a particular device, purchase behaviors, and travel preferences, among other things. The capability uses data from Facebook’s third-party partners that tracks customer information when they’re not on Facebook and browsing others sites. Want to reach car buyers while they are in the buying cycle. Yes, you can do that!

Targeting your audience is important in all advertising efforts. If your business needs additional help with Facebook advertising or reaching your target audience on any of the social networks, contact Admix Social for a consultation! We would be happy to help.


Written By Molly Judge


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